Best Co-working Spaces, Hubs and Hot Desking for Freelancers in the Bronx

For freelancers looking for affordable workspace without the hustle and bustle of neighborhood coffee shops, finding a co working space in the Bronx will prove to be more difficult than the other boroughs. While officials in the Bronx are aware of the need to groom and retain local entrepreneurial talent, when compared with other parts of the city, the Bronx has been lukewarm when it came to catching on to the idea of shared working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In 2012, effort to get the Sunshine Bronx Incubator symbolized an earnest attempt to reach out and foster the borough's creative talent pool. Frustrated with the distance between the Bronx and Silicon Alley, officials in the borough began to get the venture off of the ground in order to nurture home grown talent.

With 40 initial tenants paying from $195-275 per month for workspace rental, the city- sponsored incubator grew to include more than 70 tenants by 2014. By the end of 2015, the location inside the BankKNote Building at 890 Garrison Avenue in Hunts Point will house at least 400 entrepreneurs. Still, finding co working spaces that are not backed by city funding in the Bronx can be virtually impossible.

Members of the tech community note that the problem is not a lack of talent or investment by the city - it's simply a lack of resources on the part of budding entrepreneurs. Far too many residents of the Bronx are forced to spend most of their time simply surviving that there is precious little energy (or money) left over to create. Many have stepped in to help foster a struggling demographic, including a Bronx Tech Meetup group that started drawing in respectable crowds in 2013.

Like Staten Island before it, the Bronx continues to work to groom its own home grown entrepreneurial talent, but it seems that the economic situation of the borough is a deciding factor of whether the same bootstrap mentality will work as well as it has for Staten Island.

Environmental consultant Majora Carter began plans to start a Bronx based business incubator in 2013. The Startup Bronx doesn't provide dedicated work space to workers, but it does function as a gathering place for entrepreneurs looking to get into the tech industry. With classes in game design and financial literacy, the incubator is making the first steps in creating a tech based community for the borough.

In an effort to help out Bronx based entrepreneurs, Fordham University launched a small-business incubator in partnership with the city in 2013. Located at the intersection of Webster Avenue and Fordham Road, the Fordham Foundary features a 30,000 square foot facility where Bronx residents can launch a small business and work to gain funding.

For a $300 monthly fee, members can take advantage of the foundry's computer labs, office equipment, high-speed internet, mentoring programs and work spaces. Applicants must submit supporting documents in order to join the Foundry, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Despite efforts to the contrary, the Bronx continues to lag far behind the other boroughs when it comes to providing hot desking and co working space for freelance workers and entrepreneurs. The biggest hurdle for starting shared work spaces is the economic situation that the borough finds itself in relation to other parts of the city. The past few years have seen a dedicated investment by the city and local institutions to help the burgeoning entrepreneurial community develop, but currently the Bronx is the most challenging place to find working space that isn't located in a corner coffee shop. If you're stuck and have decided to try elsewhere take heart, there are other options for short term and flexible office rentals in the city.