Business and Tech Incubators in New York City

Finding adequate working space is one of the biggest problems that freelancers face when starting out. And New York has long been infamous for featuring the most unaffordable real estate in the US. Realizing that sky-high real estate is pricing creative talent out of the city and driving out a growing economy, business incubators have started to step up and address the need for freelancers to find a place in which to conduct their businesses.

There are incubators to serve almost any segment of the business world, and most incubators special in grooming and supporting a particular industry or group of industry. The most notable incubators in New York work to combine affordable working spaces with networking opportunities for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect with like- minded individuals.

Technology Based Incubators

Betaworks provides small seed investments of $100-200k for technology start ups to get ahead in the tech field. Their most famous success story is Tumblr, and they count over 45 successful tech companies in their current portfolio.

With a presence in New York City and Denver, Consigliere works with entrepreneurs to meet one on one with potential investors.

General Assembly provides working space and a collaborate space for technology start-ups to come together and share ideas. The Assembly boasts extensive services, including classes for entrepreneurs, low- cost workspace, an extensive media library, event space, and a mail room. The Assembly is part of a new hybrid incubator model that combines seed funding and support for start ups with dedicated work spaces for clients to work on their businesses onsite.

Harlem Biospace caters only to boitech companies, and a location near Colombia takes full advantage of the university's academic facilities. Harlem Biospace states that it is "very competitive" and that it only takes a select few of burgeoning biotech companies under its wings.

Combining technology and clean energy, the Urban Future Lab is poised to foster as many as 20 start up companies that focus on issues including energy efficiency and urban sustainability projects.

Astia focuses heavily on female entrepreneurs but offers guidance to both men and women in finding funding for their businesses. The collective recently attracted the attention of Forbes Magazine for its work in securing funding for its members.

Arts and Media- Based Incubators

For new freelancers working in media based fields struggling with finding an affordable work space, Hive at 55 offers space for about 50 workers at one time. Like General Assembly, this incubator combines traditional incubator services with shared work spaces for entrepreneurs. Freelancers can use the Hive's amenities that include a fax, WiFi, and conference rooms. For those on a tight budget, the Hive offers flexible fees from daily drop-in to monthly plans.

Freelancers working in Artistic fields should check out the New York City Artists Studio, which matches artist with vacant spaces at subsidized rates. The Artists Studio also boast a 50,000 square foot space at Sunset Park's Brooklyn Army terminal available for rent as studio space.

Freelancers can find a business incubator in New York City that caters to virtually any industry. In an effort to keep overhead low for start ups, many of the incubators have expanded their services to include shared work spaces and educational programs. This expansion of existing services mean that the normally isolated workday of a typical freelancer can easily be replaced with networking activities that are catered towards a worker's industry and help them get ahead much faster than a workday spent in a home office.